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iStage 2: Fast and Curious

Teaching Material of the Month: Fast and Curious

How is it possible that we can distinguish if a vehicle is approaching or gaining distance by using our sense of hearing alone? The teaching unit ‘Fast and Curious’ shows students how to measure the speed of an object using the Doppler effect of the sound. The material is taken from the brochure iStage2 and is best suited for students between 17-18 years: 

>> www.science-on-stage.de/iStage2_Fast_and_Curious

Science on Stage Turkey at European Researchers Night

Turkey: Science on Stage at the European Researcher's Night

On 2 October Science on Stage Turkey took part in the European Researcher's Night at the Aydın University in İstanbul. The team presented international projects from the festival 2015 in London. Furthermore, İbrahim Kasapoğlu from the Turkish national delegation team showed his project 'Experimenter' in a robotic workshop. Please, find the full report on our blog:

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/SonSEU_blog

Follow-up: Canadian-French joint project born at the Science on Stage festival 2015

Anjuli Ahooja from Ontario and Jean-Luc Richter from Alsace, both #SonS2015 participants, started a Canadian-French joint project with 28 students from each country working together on the field of electrical infrastructure. In a first step, a class to class skype session took place on 6 October 2015. Please, find the full report on our blog:

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/SonSEU_blog

Did you take part in the Science on Stage festival 2015 in London? Did you meet an interesting colleague, that you would like to do an teacher exchange with? We will support you! Apply for a travel grant now:

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/Travel_Scholarships_&_Joint-Projects

Ciencia en Acion

Spain: Science teaching festival 'Ciencia en Acción'

From 16-17 October 2015 the science teaching festival 'Ciencia en Acción' will be held at Viladecans, Barcelona under the motto 'Can Calderon and Cubic'. About 300 participants from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru will present 90 enthralling projects and scientific demonstrations on astronomy. Please, find further information at:

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/Ciencia_en_Accion

Hungary: iStage 2-workshop at IT-conference

From 20-21 October, a conference on the use of new digital media in public education will be held in Budapest. On-site Márta Gajdosné-Szabó from Science on Stage Hungary will present a workshop based on the brochure 'iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching'. Please, find further information at:

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/iStage2-workshop_Hungary

Belgium: Playful Science 2015

Belgium: National Science on Stage festival 'Playful Science' 

On 24 October 2015 the national Science on Stage event ‘Playful Science’ takes place in Brussels. Teachers present creative ideas for innovative science teaching. Besides the possibility to exchange ideas with teachers from all over Europe, the Belgian delegation for the next Science on Stage festival 2017 in Debrecen will partly be selected at the event. Further information can be found at Science on Stage Belgium’s webpage: www.scienceonstage.be

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/Playful_Science_Belgium

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