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Baumgarten - Secret of Stones

Teaching Material of the Month: Spot the Physics

Teaching and learning contents in physics and sports can easily be combined and digitally analysed with smartphones. How well this works shows the teaching unit ‘Spot the Physics’ taken from the brochure 'iStage 2'. The teaching material was developed by Dionysis Konstantinou from Greece and Damjan Štrus from Slovenia and is best suited for students between 15-19 years: 

>> www.science-on-stage.de/iStage2_Spot_the_Physics

International Conference in Budapest: Teaching Physics Innovatively

From 17-19 August, the Graduate School for Physics of ELTE University in Budapest hosts the International Conference on Teaching Physics Innovatively where David Featonby from Science on Stage Europe is one of the keynote speakers. Teachers and researchers in physics education will take part in the event. Find further information at:

>> www.science-on-stage.eu/International Conference on Teaching Physics

Teacher Training: Smartphone & Science

Teacher Training in Italy: Smartphone & Science

From 11-12 September Science on Stage Italy will organise an Italian-French teacher training on 'Smartphone & Science' at the Città della Scienza in Naples. Based on the brochure iStage 2 various workshops on the use and benefit of smartphones in science teaching will be offered. Find further information at: 


Science on Stage Polen

Register now: Seminar for teachers in Poznań

Science on Stage Poland invites you to take part in the seminar 'Innovative methods for teaching science' at the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań on Saturday, 19 September. Polish delegates of the European Science on Stage festival 2015 in London will present their projects and share captivating teaching ideas from other countries. Find further information about the seminar here:


Join in: Keep in touch with the Science on Stage community on MyStage

At our Science on Stage festivals, teacher trainings, and excursions you get to know the most committed science teachers from all over Europe. To keep in touch also between our events join now the new mobile Science on Stage platform MyStage:


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Science on Stage Europe is mainly supported by the federation of German employers' associations in the metal and electrical engineering industries (Gesamtmetall) with its initiative think ING.

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